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Advice for First-Time Homebuyers

Which is better, to buy or to rent? Many young adults agonize over this question because the answer depends on many different factors. One’s credit score, access to a lump sum of money for down payment, debt to income ratio, job stability, and geographic location should all be taken into consideration. Born between the years […]

Pitfalls of Seller Financing and Contracts for Deed

If you are a potential homebuyer but you are having trouble securing a loan, then seller financing could be a viable solution to your predicament. Seller financing works exactly as it sounds, instead of getting a mortgage from a bank, the homebuyer secures a loan from the seller. This can be a mutually beneficial option […]

More on Cybersecurity: Is Your Copier Protected?

When people think about cybersecurity, they typically imagine sophisticated password encryption and a cautious approach towards suspicious emails. Mundane tools such as copiers and scanners seldom receive more than a passing thought regarding their security in protecting your private information. After all, they are just glorified printers, right? Wrong. Commercial copiers have evolved into multifunctional […]

Beware of Malware: How To Protect Yourself From Cyber Crime

Modern advances in the realm of computer technology make our lives easier, exchange of information faster, and our daily tasks more efficient. However, like all powerful tools, advanced technology in the wrong hands can easily be turned against us. Any crime committed over the Internet is called a cyber crime. These types of attacks on […]

Translating TRID: Why Lenders Need Seller’s Information

Since TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule has been enacted, Real Estate Professionals are still having trouble interpreting and adopting certain aspects of the new law. It has been particularly challenging to make sense of the new rules regarding sharing and disclosing Non-Public Private Information (NPI) of the consumers involved in the transaction. As you might […]

We are Certified!

After a months-long audit of our policies and procedures, the Walker Title, LLC team is pleased to announce that we are now CERTIFIED according to the standards of American Land Title Association (“ALTA”) Title Insurance and Settlement Best Practices Framework. This certification is a nationwide requirement imposed by most lenders for closing agents and transactions […]

What You Need to Know About Real Estate Title Insurance

Special Report from Jeffrey J. Walker, Esq. Title Insurance companies have protected the American dream of homeownership for more than a century. The behind-the-scenes work of title insurance agents ensures the quick and secure transfer of land, giving consumers and lenders confidence in their investments. On closing day, a homebuyer not only attains ownership of […]